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50 Most Beautiful People for 2011



Age: 26
Hometown: Gaffney, S.C.
Political party: Nonpartisan
Relationship status: Single

Jenna Gibson is a formidable force when she takes to the football field.

As a student at Clemson University, this Fox News producer played quarterback in her co-ed league, even leading her team to the semifinals one year.

“The girls were just as, if not more, competitive than the guys,” Gibson said, her voice lilting with a gentle Southern drawl. “There were a few broken fingers here and there.”

Shocking as it might seem, given her petite frame and ebullient smile, for Gibson, taking up football was almost second nature.

Living in small-town South Carolina “was like ‘Varsity Blues,’ ” said Gibson, who always played sports and cheered on her family’s alma mater. 

“My family bleeds orange,” she said. “[I] grew up at Clemson games … just surrounded by it, and developed an inherent love for it.” 

The sports-management major even once had hopes of turning her passion into a career. 

“I thought I wanted to be the ESPN GameDay girl or some sort of sports announcer,” Gibson said, though she loves her current spot at Fox. 

Gibson is still gung-ho as ever about her beloved Tigers — “during college football season, it’s all about college football season,” she said — but she happily passes the off-season by playing golf and tennis, and hitting the gym four to five times per week.

“Especially [since I] sit all day, the last thing I want to do is go home and sit more … With an athletic background, it’s natural to want to be healthy and active,” Gibson said.

Despite this wholesome attitude, Gibson also confessed to kicking back just like everybody else. On the weekends, the book-club member loves to read, eat and “lay low and watch movies with [my] roommates,” she said. 

“And I always think that chocolate is a wonderful supplement,” she added with a laugh. 

— Becki Steinberg