20 Questions Nick Clooney

This week 20Questions profiles Nick Clooney — father of actor George Clooney, longtime newspaperman and 2004 congressional candidate — ahead of the premiere of “A Journey to Darfur,” on which father and son collaborated. Tomorrow evening in Washington, the elder Clooney will attend a special screening of the documentary film. George Clooney will beam in via satellite.

The main goal of this project is to raise consciousness of the situation on the ground in Sudan. Do you think lawmakers are aware?
I think most are very much aware of all that is going on. We think they need political cover. What they need to know is voters really do care.

You traveled to Darfur last April. What was the hardest thing you saw?
Almost everything, from the time we stepped off the puddle-jumper onto the dirt strip. You saw the limbs missing and the eyes missing and the people who tell such wrenching stories. These are their lives. We stuck our toe in that for 10 days. They live that every day.

Did you feel guilty about how easy we Americans have it?
Of course there is always that guilt when you visit anywhere. Haiti, the Dominican Republic. You always feel you’ve been blessed and you wonder why.

Did you see any hope in Darfur?
Oh, yes. The people themselves have such dignity and courage. There’s nothing na