DVD machine offers new way to goof off

With Congress not back until Jan. 15 and all of the action in New Hampshire, what’s a Hill staffer to do? Easy. Head to the Rayburn cafeteria to rent movies — $1.79 for the first night and $0.99 for each additional night.

Restaurant Associates, the new food company taking over the cuisine in the Longworth and Rayburn House office buildings, is taking a modern approach to food — and life. Lawmakers and their aides can now rent DVDs at the cafeteria with the new DVD Rental Machine in the vending area. There’s even a TV screen that shows highlights of various movies.

Choices include everything from “The Simpsons Movie” to “Balls of Fury” and “American Pie.” We can see it now. Growing weary of scouring the spending bills looking for Sen. Ted Stevens’s (R) and Rep. Don YoungDon YoungA guide to the committees: House Trump, GOP set to battle on spending cuts Alaska lawmakers mull legislation to block Obama drilling ban MORE’s (R) Alaskan earmarks? Rent “Arctic Tale.” Depressed by Rep. Duncan Hunter’s (R-Calif.) no-show in Iowa? Rent Disney’s “Underdog.”