Elegant, ginger-infused cocktail a welcome guest on Inaugural menus

The suits in Washington loosened their ties this week with one presidential celebration after another. Inauguration was a time for speeches, hugs and handshakes. It was also the season of the Obama-inspired cocktail made with Domaine de Canton.

A specialty French ginger-infused white cognac (sweet but not sugary), Domaine was highlighted in last month’s issue of Oprah’s “O” Magazine on her coveted “O List.” It is made with fresh baby Vietnamese ginger. The ginger is “peeled and cut by hand and then macerated with a blend of herbs and spices” in Jernac, France’s cognac region, according to its website.

Here in Washington, where it launched two months ago, this week it could be found at TenPenh in a cocktail called the Spiced Pear-a-dise, made with Goslings Black Seal Rum and warm pear cider. It was supposed to be the signature cocktail at Oprah’s exclusive Obama soiree, planned to take place at TenPenh, but the event never happened.

In the end, Oprah opted to host nothing more than her show. The cocktail can still be purchased at TenPenh.

The fruity pineapple “Yes We Canton” cocktail, also concocted with Domaine de Canton, was served at the World Peace Inaugural Ball held at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum on Jan. 20. Set to attend and perform were known Peace Movement icons: singers Joan Baez, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and Jackson Browne.

A final Domaine cocktail to mention is the Rockin’ Barack, created by bartenders Chris Kelley and John Dynan at Mie N Yu in Georgetown. The cocktail can be ordered there throughout the weekend.

Domaine liquor can be found in various establishments throughout Washington, including Bourbon, Urbana and Founding Farmers.