Having a Landmark affair

D.C.’s glitterati turned out for the premiere of “An American Affair,” an independent film about a 13-year-old boy who comes of age when he makes an interesting discovery.

Screen Media Films and the Creative Coalition hosted the event at the Landmark Theater on E Street Tuesday night, followed by an after-party at the Tattoo nightclub.

On the red carpet, celebrities mingled with fans who, along with the paparazzi, photographed their every move. Cameron Bright, the lead actor, showed up wearing a backwards-turned red cap, scarf and baggy jeans. He was there with his mother, who called herself a “papa-mama” as she took pictures of her son.

Gretchen Mol was the last to show and said she was inspired by the story, but added that she didn’t think about the politics of the film while preparing for the shoot.

Set in 1963, “An American Affair” tells the story of Adam Stafford (Bright), who discovers that his neighbor, Catherine (Gretchen Mol), is President John F. Kennedy’s mistress, and learns of secret CIA assassination attempts on him.

Robin Bronk, the Creative Coalition’s executive director, said the group supports movies with a social message but added that, sometimes, “we also just like to have fun.”

The film, distributed by Screen Media Films, opens Friday in New York.