Out to Lunch: Something for everyone at Cannon basement café

Located in the basement of the Cannon House Office Building, around the corner from the shoeshine and behind a bank of elevators, the Cannon Carryout can be a challenge to find.

But once you arrive, it’s a cornucopia of choices. There is everything from the Burger Bar (an array of burgers — single, double — and toppings) to a wide variety of salads that include the spinach salad with goat cheese, the Cobb and the lemon shrimp. There are hummus dips and a grilled chicken sandwich with roasted pecans.

The soup offerings are many: chili, tomato basil bisque and House bean.

One favorable aspect to this café is that it can be horribly bad for you — french fries, onion rings and chicken tenders — or relatively healthy — veggie burgers or a tuna salad wrap that, though hard to eat in its loose, runny construction, isn’t drowning in mayonnaise.

Dessert could throw you back to childhood. There is both chocolate and vanilla pudding and, on this day, banana pudding with nice touches of freshly cut banana and a vanilla wafer on top. Inside the freezer are Dove bars, Drumsticks and Tollhouse ice cream sandwiches. On the way out are little Mary Jane taffies — the molasses and peanut candies that taste wonderful but could break your teeth.

A highlight of the eatery is the interesting variety of beverages, one of which is the zero-calorie Sobe Black and Blue Berry Lifewater, not too syrupy-sweet and chock-full of antioxidants to get you through the afternoon. The name itself makes you feel like you’re drinking healthy.

Pluses: Inexpensive (a hamburger costs $2.45); the sheer number of choices; friendly service.

Minuses: Hard to find; limited seating

Who you might see there: Garland Thompson (the white-haired U.S. Capitol Police officer who shouts at you if you cross the street against the light at 1st and C streets SE); nerdy staffers; Architect of the Capitol employees; and Del. Madeleine BordalloMadeleine Mary Bordallo5 things to know about Guam Guam delegate: Constituents 'very concerned' about North Korea threat A guide to the committees: House MORE (D-Guam).