The Culinary Inquisition with Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.)

Coffee or tea? Tea

Salty or sweet? Sweet

What’s a food you can’t live without? Cherry pie

Where’s your favorite place to power-lunch? I don’t really do lunch. I grab a sandwich at the House cafeteria — roast beef.

What’s your favorite D.C. restaurant? B. Smith’s. It’ll be a tie between that and Kyoto Sushi.

Have you ever gotten food poisoning? No

What’s your cocktail or drink of choice? I don’t drink. If I do something alcoholic, it’d be a glass of Pinot Grigio. I also drink iced tea, and really, mostly water. Occasionally I’ll splurge on a Coca-Cola.

What’s your cooking specialty? Meatloaf

Do you have any food allergies? Hawaiian Punch. I get hives. It might be the food coloring. I used to have to go to school with my lip so big, and it was because I drank all that Hawaiian Punch over the weekend.

What is a food you can’t stomach? Cheese. I’m one of the few people on Earth who doesn’t like cheese.

What’s your favorite candy? M&M’s, in the dark package. The plain ones.

What’s your favorite pig-out food? Cherry pie