Intern of the week

Linda Shim is no stranger to internships.

As an intern for Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.), this Palm Springs, Calif., native and University of California at San Diego senior has held four other internships in the past four years. Working for Harman rounds out her experience in campaigns, state politics and a law firm and a stint with the Conservative Party in London.

Shim, 22, says she feels at ease in Harman’s office, in that she shares many of the congresswoman’s political views. She says that her own “positions on issues paralleled those of Congresswoman Harman’s” and that “everyone here has such a drive and passion for what they do.”

Patrick G. Ryan
Intern Linda Shim

Oh, and she doesn’t mind the Adams Morgan scene too much either.

Shim enjoyed growing up in Palm Springs. “It’s a beautiful place, great weather,” she says. “It’s quiet, but there is a lot going on. My family is very into golf.”

When she graduates in June with a degree in political science, Shim plans to take a few years off to figure out what direction her career will take — politics or law. “I’m having a hard time choosing what field I want to enter,” she says. “I just love both, and I think I need to go back to school and figure out which field I want to pursue.”

In Harman’s office, Shim partakes in the typical intern duties of sorting mail and faxes and writing the occasional memo. “Every day kind of differs,” she says. A day that stood out was intern-appreciation day, in which an aide brought in Rice Krispies treats for the occasion.

Being in fast-paced Washington is a thrill for Shim. “I have always been interested in government,” she says. “As corny as it sounds, it’s exciting to see it first hand.”

One of the most exciting moments for Shim was when she attended a lunch where former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright spoke. “It was a cool event,” she says. “Watching her speak in person was great. They were giving a grant to women from Bosnia, and it was very nice.”

Asked if she would return to Capitol Hill to work in the future, she replies, “Sure. I would recommend this experience to anyone.”