Chef 101: Tim Elliot

Tim Elliot : Executive chef at Mie N Yu, 3125 M St. NW

Previous cooking experiences: I worked for Marriott Hotels in Maryland and D.C. for 15 years. I started cooking when I was 5.

When I’m not eating my own food: I eat at home a lot or I just get sushi someplace. I like chili dogs. I go to Hard Times Café or the hot dog vendor on the corner. I try to go to new restaurants. I like Zengo, Sushi Taro and BlackSalt.

Born and raised: Baltimore

Food I cannot stand: Anchovies, unless they’re in something. I can handle it when they’re on a Caesar salad. I don’t like bad food — overcooked, undercooked. No comment on examples of restaurants I don’t like.

Greatest cooking influences: I like a lot of Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines, so my style is influenced from those places.

Training: Baltimore International Culinary College. Then Marriott for 15 years.

Views on cooking TV shows: I think a lot of them are good for the average person. I’m not a big fan of “Hell’s Kitchen.” You know [the chef] caught his things [genitals] on fire the other day? I watch Alton Brown, host of Food Network’s “Good Eats.” He discusses the scientific aspects of food. Martha Stewart? No. I don’t know what she is. She does everything. Maybe she’s great for my mother or sister.
Must-have cooking utensil: It would have to be tongs. They’re easy to turn food with. You can use them as a spoon and a spatula.

Thoughts on the Washington food scene: We have a great scene, a lot of great chefs. We’re growing, but the rest of the country doesn’t see us that way. We don’t get as much publicity as we should.

Age: 40

Marital status: Wife, Nicole.