Unplugged: 50 Most Beautiful nominations

Most of the nominations that come into The Hill for its annual 50 Most Beautiful People issue bear just the facts: name, photo, place of employment.

Others, however, go into great detail about the proposed beauty.

This feature is a nod to those people who took the time to put forth their most convincing — and amusing — arguments for placing their nominees on this year’s list …

We have a young Legislative Assistant in our Congressional office who is quite the beauty! When he is not donning a suit you can find him in a softball jersey. Ooooo weeee, what beautiful biceps this young man has!! Our female players must exhibit much restraint when he is throwing the softball. But hands off ladies; [NAME] is in a relationship!

I have a photo for your consideration please let me know if you would like me to send any additional photos or if you would like to know more about this little beauty.

I’m nominating [NAME] to be one of the 50 most beautiful on the Hill. [NAME] is a lovely Midwest girl who comes from [HOMETOWN]. [HOMETOWN] is actually the River City from the acclaimed Broadway Musical “The Music Man.” I’d have no doubt that [NAME] could easily play the part of the attractive and lovely Marian Paroo — who Professor Harold Hill falls madly in love with. I can’t attest to [NAME]’s singing voice but her beauty could definitely strike up a rousing rendition of 76 Trombones.

I’m writing to nominate [NAME] for one of the Hill’s most beautiful people. I’ve had the joy of working with [NAME] for the last two and half years. [NAME] hails from a small [HOME STATE] town in the middle of the vast northern prairie. Her spirit is as free as the wind that blows through [HOMETOWN]! [NAME]’s beautiful smile always wins over a surly constituent. I’d have to say if [NAME] had been in 4-H she certainly would have been a top contender for the [HOME STATE] State Fair Queen!