Unplugged: Most Beautiful nominations

Most of the nominations that come into The Hill for its annual 50 Most Beautiful People issue bear just the facts: name, photo, place of employment. Others, however, go into great detail about the proposed beauty. This feature is a nod to those who took the time to put forth their most convincing — and amusing — arguments for placing their nominees on this year’s list.

 [NAME] is ... just beautiful. It’s a stupid cliche but the whole thing about beauty coming from the inside? He likes everybody, and he has this smile that radiates out ... just an incredible sweetheart who’s kind and funny to everyone. And also the outside is not bad either. (That’s an ironic understatement. He’s a bit over 6’ tall with a lean build and the most graceful, fluid way of moving, toasty dark gold skin, big dark eyes, full soft lips, thick curly hair ...)



Dear The Hill:

I would like to nominate [NAME] to the 50 most beautiful on Capitol Hill. This smokin’ hot fella is currently the [POSITION] for the House [NAME OF COMMITTEE]. When not at work, or actually, during work, you can found him at the House gym 7 days a week. He is extremely interested in politics. He actually broke up with his boyfriend (me) of 4 years to move to DC 1.5 years ago. (Dont worry. We’re cool)

So be sure to take a long hard look at this guy.

 Hello Kris!

Attached are some various photos of [NAME] (I made her think that these are for [EVENT] slideshow =)).

Anyway, I wasn’t sure what you all might be looking for (a headshot, full-length, etc.) so, I thought I’d send over a small variety.

Also, I forgot to mention in my previous e-mail that — on Inauguration night — [NAME] ended up meeting Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, Star Jones, Ashanti, amongst some other Washington socialites/celebrities ... but the highlight of her night was running into MC Hammer and having a spontaneous “dance-off” with him! Just FYI: those pics are attached, too; we’re all still telling that story as if it happened yesterday! =)

 Thanks for considering my nomination of [NAME]!

 The first is [NAME], she is truly delightful! She’s the counsel in [MEMBER OF CONGRESS’S] office, she is not only beautiful but has a wonderful personality as well.

 The other is [NAME], who is a [POSITION] for the House [NAME OF COMMITTEE]. He is an outstanding guy as well, salt of the earth — plus look at those muscles! He has been SWAMPED with [LEGISLATION] stuff, so please help him get a date, he doesn’t have enough time on his own!