The Hill opens nominations for its 50 Most Beautiful list

Executive branch employees are eligible for nomination to The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful list for the first time this year.

In honor of the list’s 10th anniversary, The Hill is expanding its nomination pool to the White House, Cabinet departments and executive agencies.

Nominations should be sent to Please include the person’s name, place of employment, contact information and a photo.

Also eligible are lawmakers, congressional staffers, members of the media, lobbyists and anyone else who works regularly on Capitol Hill. All nominations are kept confidential and a person only needs to be nominated once to be considered. And yes, you can nominate yourself.

People are only allowed to be on the list one time only. There are no repeated honorees.

The 50 Most Beautiful list made its inaugural appearance in The Hill in the summer of 2004. It was an instant hit and became an annual event.

Since its inception, over 50 lawmakers have been featured, including then-Sen. Barack Obama (in 2005), Speaker John Boehner (in 2006), Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (in 2007), Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (in 2006), Rep. Paul Ryan (in 2008) and Sen. Marco Rubio (in 2011).