Intern of the week

Like her boss, Alexa Moutevalis is not shy about expressing her views.

As a firm believer of the conservative movement, the intern for Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) recently raised concern about President Bush’s “more liberal policies.” But she didn’t do it on a blog or in a private conversation with fellow conservatives. Moutevalis says she did it during a small gathering with Vice President Cheney — in the West Wing.

True to her conservative form, Moutevalis could barely contain herself when Cheney recently spoke to her class. “It was so exciting to meet Cheney because we were in the West Wing and it was such a small group.” Moutevalis took the opportunity to ask the VP about the current state of the Republican Party and voiced her concerns about some of Bush’s policies.

Alexa Moutevalis

Meanwhile, she’s ready to nominate her boss for president in 2008 — even though it’s unclear if he will remain as chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee next year.

Sounding more like a political adviser than a low-level intern, Moutevalis said that “it’s definitely possible” Pence will run for the White House. “He’s got a good grassroots following. Mr. Pence is a great man and a great conservative.”

In her senior year at Washington and Lee University, Moutevalis majors in political science. She recently finished her six-week internship in Pence’s office with a photo opportunity with the boss on her last day. She plans to add it to her growing collection, which includes pictures with Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. She hopes that the next photo on her “tour of world leaders” will be with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, although she hasn’t quite figured out how to make it happen.

The first part of her plan, though, is to extend her stay in D.C. after graduation with a full-time job on Capitol Hill. “My goal is to work to advance conservative policies,” she said.