Intern of the Week

Andrew  Palczewski has seen some weird things in the mail for the office of Rep. Anne Northup (R-Ky.). The one that tops them all was a request from a constituent for the representative to vote against H.R.503, a ban on selling horse meat for human consumption.

“I guess he wants to eat horse meat,” the 18-year-old intern said.

There are other strange calls, too, apart from the people who complain of black helicopters, but a few weeks ago, before the Dubai Ports World story broke, a concerned male constituent called to complain about the sale of U.S. ports to the United Arab Emirates. Palczewski said he had never heard of such a deal. He asked an aide who was also oblivious and told the voter not to worry.

Andrew Palczewski

After the story broke, it comforted the George Washington University freshman to know that Louisville, Ky., area residents knew more than their representatives and can keep them in check.

Palczewski is majoring in political science, but he wants to switch his focus to political communications. He hails from Oyster Bay, N.Y., the home of Teddy Roosevelt. Like Roosevelt, Palczewski prides himself on not being a “crazy right-winger.”

Palczewski, who attained the Boy Scout rank of Eagle Scout, grew up in a large family with six younger brothers. He said the experience prepared him well for college; he’s rooming with two other students. He credits his large family with giving him good people skills, an important asset for his desired career path in politics or journalism.

But, like politics, he says, growing up in such a large family wasn’t always fun and games.