Announcements - February 18, 2009

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Arts, fashion? Politics is ‘so much cooler’

Aketa Simmons recently began her new job as press secretary for freshman Rep. Marcia FudgeMarcia FudgeDems nominate Kaine for VP Sanders gives blessing as Dems nominate Clinton Sanders formally nominated for president MORE (D-Ohio).

Previously, Simmons worked for the Tennessee House of Representatives’ Speaker pro tempore. “The great thing about that job was that we had unrestricted access to information and briefings,” Simmons said. “Also we played pop music all day on Fridays, which are no-vote days in Tennessee, to close out the week.”

Simmons’s favorite aspect of her job so far is that her colleagues are so smart and lighthearted. “Of course, there are always deadlines, tough decisions and serious meetings, but they handle it all with a smile,” she said. “My second-favorite thing is being so close to the cafeteria.”

The best advice Simmons has received about her new job is to keep a detailed list of press requests and take the time to think through her strategic press plan.

If she weren’t working on Capitol Hill, Simmons says, she could see herself in television or media development for an arts nonprofit or a fashion house. “Politics, though, is so much cooler,” she said.



Stephen Beck recently began his new job as a legislative assistant in domestic policy to freshman Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.). Beck works on small business, tax, education and healthcare issues.

“I’ve really enjoyed being so busy all the time, especially with a new member,” Beck said. “I feel really involved.”
Previously, Beck worked with Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) as a legislative assistant. If he weren’t working on Capitol Hill, Beck would be a high school U.S. history teacher.



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