The real Lacey Davenport:

New Jersey has produced its share of colorful political figures, but the late Rep. Millicent Fenwick stands out. Elected to Congress in 1974 at age 64, the socially liberal Republican became an icon for her forthrightness, her patrician air and her somewhat incongruous pipe.

Millicent Fenwick: Her way

Foreword by Thomas H. Kean
282 pages • $29.00
Rutgers University Press, 2003

Fenwick even had a cartoon alter ego — the equally blue-blooded congresswoman Lacey Davenport in the “Doonesbury” strip — a feat few politicians could match.
In her new biography of Fenwick, Millicent Fenwick: My Way — a project that began as a college thesis — Washington-area writer Amy Schapiro delves into Fenwick’s life, providing a description far richer than the Lacey Davenport fa