What's on your nightstand? (Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.))

What’s on your nightstand?
The King James Bible and Feds in the Classroom by Neal McCluskey. I haven’t gotten into it too much, but Back to Basics for the Republican Party by Michael Zak is also good.

Any books you would recommend in particular?
I would recommend the Bible to everyone. I can also recommend Reagan’s Revolution by Craig Shirley.

What magazines do you read consistently?
At home I read World Magazine, Forbes, National Journal and National Review.

Which book about Washington should every member read?
The one about the Reagan Revolution is a great one. And Feds in the Classroom is one that we should all read because the No Child Left Behind reauthorization is coming up. The book is about how absurd it is that Washington is trying to micromanage local public education.

What’s your favorite novel of all time?
One of my favorites was The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy. I enjoyed that a lot.

What is your guilty-pleasure reading?
Just reading all the newspapers and the books that are on my stand at home and then the occasional book on Washington policy issues. I commute back and forth by train, so one of the things I do is listen to books on tape. I also enjoy reading history.