Capitol Police Files

• Possession of a destructive device: May 29  — At approximately 9 p.m., a 55-year old man approached the metal detectors at the United States Botanic Garden Conservatory, at the foot of the Capitol West Front. Before passing through the security checkpoint, the man — in jeans and a black shirt — placed a black briefcase on the screening table for inspection. Officers found a stun gun with a plastic, brass knuckle-style handle. The man was arrested.

• Assault: June 2  — Shortly before 5 p.m., a Capitol Police officer responded to a Washington Metropolitan Police Department broadcast of an assault in Garfield Park, three blocks from the House office buildings. The arriving officer found a 24-year-old woman crying in the park. She pointed toward an 18-year-old man and said they had been arguing when he punched her in the face with a closed fist. She also said the man snatched her phone away as she was calling 911. The woman had no visible injuries, according to police reports, and she declined medical attention. After questioning the man, Capitol Police arrested him.

• Assault: June 8 
— At approximately 7:15 p.m., Capitol Police responded to another assault, this time near the western edge of the Lower Senate Park. A 30-year-old woman told police that a 44-year-old man had approached her near her vehicle and spat in her face, then punched her in the face two times with a closed fist and once with an open hand before throwing her to the ground. Capitol Police arrested the man, and the D.C. Fire Department took the woman to the George Washington University Hospital.

• Possession of an open container of alcohol: June 10 — Just before 1 p.m., a Capitol Police officer spotted a 53-year-old man sitting in front of the National Postal Museum, at 2 Massachusetts Ave. NE, drinking from an open container. The officer approached the man, and smelling alcohol, he conducted a field sobriety test. The officer deemed the man drunk and arrested him.

• Assault, domestic violence: June 15 —
At approximately noon, a Capitol Police officer was driving past the Dirksen Senate Office Building on Constitution Avenue NE. when he heard a scream coming from a stopped vehicle on the north side of the street. The officer swung his car around and investigated the vehicle; he reported that a 42-year-old man had punched his 14-year-old stepdaughter in the stomach with a closed fist. The man was arrested.