Capitol Police Files

• Possession of marijuana: Jan. 17 — At approximately 1:30 a.m., a Capitol Police officer pulled over a silver Honda SUV several blocks from the Senate office buildings because it had no rear lights. The 27-year-old man driving the vehicle told the officer that he didn’t have his driver’s license with him. A second officer at the scene noticed an open container of alcohol and a bag of marijuana sitting in plain view in the car, according to police reports. The officers searched the rest of the man’s possessions and found cigarette rolling papers, clear Ziploc sandwich bags with “green weed residue,” and a plastic container filled with a substance that later tested positive for THC, a main component of marijuana. The man was arrested and processed at Capitol Police headquarters. 

• Threats to do bodily harm: Jan. 20 — At just after 7 a.m., a Capitol Police officer saw a man sleeping on the wall that surrounds the fountain in Upper Senate Park. When the officer woke the man, he jumped up, began to beat his own chest with his fist and shouted threats at the officer, saying, “I’m just looking for my laptop. If it gets busted, I’ll bust your ass,” according to police reports. The man was arrested and charged with making threats to do bodily harm and for sleeping on Capitol grounds. He was processed at police headquarters. 

• Defacing government property: Jan. 20 — At around 2 p.m., a Capitol Police officer arrived at the Senate Hart Office Building in response to a report of someone defacing government property. Outside the north entrance, along C St. NE, the officer confronted a 54-year-old woman wearing an orange jumpsuit who was standing near an “anti-war chalk drawing” on the sidewalk that consisted of “a person and a peace symbol” that stated “end war/end torture,” according to police reports. The woman had a yellow piece of chalk in her possession and had chalk on her hands and shoes. She admitted to writing on the sidewalk. She was placed under arrest and transported to Capitol Police headquarters for processing. 

• Assault with a deadly weapon: automobile: Jan. 24 — Just before 4 p.m., a 32-year-old woman who works for a local oil lobbyist stepped in front of a gray Jeep Grand Cherokee near the Supreme Court building. The woman said she observed the vehicle turning onto First Street from a nearby alley and decided to step in front of the vehicle because she was worried that it wouldn’t see the large number of people, including small children, who were passing by on the sidewalk, according to a police report. Then, according to the woman and another witness, the driver of the SUV revved the vehicle’s engine and laughed. The driver edged the SUV towards the woman, eventually pushing her forward. The woman stepped back and the driver revved the engine again, laughing and pulling the vehicle forward once more, this time striking the woman and bruising her legs. The driver of the car, a 40-year-old woman, was placed under arrest and processed.