Capitol Police Files

Possession of marijuana:  March 2 — At around 4 p.m. on this Wednesday, Capitol Police observed a suspect two blocks from the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department rolling a “blunt”-type cigar. Capitol Police detected a strong odor of marijuana. When questioned, the suspect was found to have three clear plastic bags containing a green, leafy substance, which tested positive for THC. The 31-year-old black male, wearing a black jacket, blue pants and yellow shirt, was placed under arrest and processed at Capitol Police headquarters.

Assault on a police officer — misdemeanor: March 8 — On this Tuesday, a Capitol Police officer was conducting a security screening at the west main entrance of the Library of Congress Jefferson building. A 26-year-old white male of medium build entered the building and set off the metal detector. The responding officer asked the suspect to step back, and the man attempted to leave the building. The suspect was then ordered to return and complete the security screening, but he refused to obey the commands, according to police reports. As officers attempted to place handcuffs on the suspect, the man physically resisted by pulling his arms away. He was subsequently arrested and transported to police headquarters.

Assault on a police officer — misdemeanor:  March 8 — On the afternoon of the same Tuesday, another Capitol Police officer was restricting access of the North Senate Carriage entrance of the Capitol building to members of Congress and authorized staff. A 45-year-old white male, standing 5’11” and weighing 200 pounds, attempted to enter and was advised by the officer that the entrance was off limits. The man, wearing a beige jacket and gray shirt, refused to comply and repeatedly crossed into the restricted area, police said. He was placed under arrest and taken to police headquarters for processing.

Fugitive from justice:  March 10 — On this Thursday afternoon, a Capitol Police officer conducted a traffic stop of a motorist on a road one block from the Hart Senate Office Building that was closed to truck traffic. A strong odor of alcohol was present in the vehicle. The suspect, described as a 34-year-old black male of large build wearing a tan shirt and pants, was a passenger. A background check revealed the man was wanted on an outstanding warrant for destruction of property and felony assault in Manassas Park, Va. The suspect was arrested and processed at police headquarters.

Driving while intoxicated:  March 14 — On this Monday, Capitol Police responded to a call to check on an unconscious person at the Third Street Tunnel. The officer met with a member of the D.C. Fire Department, who stated that upon his arrival at the scene, he witnessed the suspect in the driver’s seat of a vehicle with the keys in the ignition. As the officer approached the vehicle, he detected a strong odor of alcohol on the suspect’s breath. When tested, the suspect demonstrated signs of impairment and was placed under arrest.