Unplugged: 50 Most Beautiful Nominees

Most of the nominations that come into The Hill for its annual 50 Most Beautiful People issue bear just the facts: name, photo, place of employment. Others, however, go into great detail about the proposed beauty. This feature is a nod to those people who took the time to put forth their most convincing — and amusing — arguments for placing their nominees on this year’s list. 

What can’t he do?

[NAME] was just the mysterious tall dark & handsome fellow standing [in] our office looking important when I first laid eyes on him. I heard he was a legend in [CITY] where he worked after graduating from the prestigious [COLLEGE] with a beneficial major in Government. I had no idea the impact this newly hired legislative assistant would make.

According to Facebook, he’s originally from the scenic lands of [TOWN], which is truly a hidden gem unbeknownst even to we Orange County girls.

He holds a commanding influence in the office as legislative assistant for [MEMBER OF CONGRESS]. Want a meeting? Take a number, I’ve already sent him at least ten scheduling requests on any given day and there’s another three meetings he needs to attend with the boss. And if the [DISTRICT] wants their natural resources, they know he’s the man fighting for their water.

… And he does the job in style, with his always matched ties and pocket squares, as seen in the picture where some argue he outshines the Speaker. In one quick change this legislative superman becomes the American soccer star whose ability to sport knee high socks is envied by all, surely even soccer stars like David Beckham.

But what we really love about [NAME] is that beneath the genius and incredible soccer & softball skills, he has an amazing heart of gold and volunteers his time teaching the little ones how to excel at soccer. If we can count on anybody to end childhood obesity and increase physical fitness, it’s [NAME].

He’s a supportive coworker, loving son, supportive brother, great friend to party with, trusted legislative assistant, world traveler, and iPhone genius. It’s only fitting that he be nominated for The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People so prospective [Capitol] Hill Interns will read his biography and know what standards they should try to live up to.

Future leader 
of the free world 

[NAME] is this year’s Most Beautiful Person on the Hill. Hands down. Just interview him, and you’ll know why. I’ll probably vote for him for POTUS one day … and that day will be the greatest day the U.S. of A has ever seen.

‘From flab to fab’ 

I want to nominate [NAME] for The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful. [NAME] and I used to be co-workers in [MEMBER OF CONGRESS’S] office, where he currently works as a [POSITION]. … 

[NAME] is a fun loving guy who loves to travel. Why should he be part of 50 Most Beautiful? Because he recently went from flab to fab (like lost 40 lbs of flab. Pretty amazing.) You can often find him running around the Mall, and doing half marathons, but he’s not one of those Paleo diet P90X guys. He loves to cook and eat. In fact, I’m sure if he gets selected for this he’ll gladly share his bread pudding recipe with The Hill’s staff. 

Need another reason to put [NAME] on the list? He needs a girlfriend. He needs a girlfriend to spoil and a girlfriend to cook for. What better way to advertise his singleness, chef skills and his new fabulous look than on The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful?

Attached is a photo of [NAME] giving you his best Zoolander Blue Steel impression. You can see that he can be a silly guy. Not to worry, he cleans up nicely too. Check out photo #2 for his day job look. 

Thanks for the consideration!

Nominate your own beauty!

Do you know a looker who should be included in our annual 50 Most Beautiful list? Send nominations to 50MB@thehill.com. Please include the person’s name, place of employment, contact information and a photo. Those eligible include members of Congress, congressional staffers, lobbyists and anyone else who works regularly on Capitol Hill. All nominations are kept confidential. Nominations close Friday.