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The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People

Age: 23
Hometown: Burbank, Calif.
Political party: Republican
Relationship status: Single 

Less than a year into her job as Rep. Ed Royce’s staff assistant and legislative correspondent, Melissa Medina had the California Republican “jumping for joy.”

Royce nominated Medina to be the Golden State’s Cherry Blossom princess this year. When she answered that she didn’t think she would get chosen, he brushed her concerns aside.

“Come on, Melissa, you’re like a ray of sunshine,” Royce told her. 

Not only was Medina chosen to be her state’s representative in the event, but the other princesses also elected her to be the contest’s Miss Congeniality. 

“[Royce] was jumping for joy,” she says. “He was very proud.” 

Medina came to Capitol Hill by way of the University of California, Berkley, where she double-majored in political science and business. Much before that, she had accrued quite the résumé, helping her ninth-grade show choir go to nationals, leading the school’s tennis team and becoming student government president. 

“If I set my mind to something, I will make it happen, no matter what,” she says, “even after failure, because there’s a lot you can learn from failure, and it’s learning from failure and turning that into success that I think really creates character in a person.”

As for keeping up her good looks, Medina says she just tries to be happy, going for the occasional hike and maintaining her tennis strokes. 

“I don’t work out,” she says with a bashful smile.

Her other tip? “The best way to showcase your beauty is your personality. Even if you’re having the worst day, having a good laugh automatically brightens up your eyes and makes you a more attractive person.” 

Though she hasn’t met Prince Charming yet, that’s OK with Medina, who keeps an open mind about dating so long as the guy’s not “creepy.” Besides, she already has a relationship as she prepares for law school. 

“I’m married right now — to the LSAT,” she jokes. 

 – Jordy Yager