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The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People

Age: 28
Hometown: Wall Township, N.J.
Party: Republican
Relationship status: Married

Brian Bosak first pictured himself working on Capitol Hill while running a simple errand. 

Before joining the office of Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Pa.), Bosak spent several months as an intern at the nearby Heritage Foundation. 

One assignment from that time stands out in his memory. 

“I got to walk over a letter — it might have been an invitation — to then-Leader [John] BoehnerJohn Andrew BoehnerJim Jordan as Speaker is change America needs to move forward Paul Ryan’s political purgatory Republicans fear retribution for joining immigration revolt MORE’s [(R-Ohio)] office,” he says. 

The delivery took him inside the Capitol building, down the ornate hallways and into the House Minority Leader’s suite for the first time. 

“I remember thinking how special it was,” he says. “That was definitely one of my coolest experiences here, early on.” 

Four and a half years later, Bosak is a legislative assistant handling business, financial and values issues for Pitts. 

For fitness, he’ll occasionally play basketball or pick up a tennis racket. He also hits the gym several times a week with his wife, but emphasizes that his fitness routine is “low-key.” 

“I don’t like to lift huge weights or anything,” he says, laughing and gesturing toward his lanky frame. “As you can tell, I’m not a big guy. I just try to stay fit and strong.” 

Those gym visits happen in the morning, and Bosak says he bookends them with time devoted to his Christian faith. 

“When I get back from the gym, I generally settle in with a cup of coffee and my Bible,” he says. “That’s the routine that gives me the most energy for the day.” 

When it comes to the 50 Most Beautiful People list, Bosak is no stranger to the camera. His wife runs a small photography business and often calls on him as an impromptu model — a role he accepts with good humor. 

“She’ll sometimes take me outside and have me pose in certain ways to take photos,” he laughs. “The things you do for love!”

— Elise Viebeck