Nominations for most beautiful list open through end of May

The Hill already has already received more than 400 nominations for its annual Most Beautiful list. Nominations are open until the end of May.

For the first time, employees of the executive branch are eligible.

Nominations should be sent to Please include the person’s name, place of employment, contact information and a photo.

Also eligible are lawmakers, congressional staffers, members of the media, lobbyists and anyone else who works regularly on Capitol Hill. 

All nominations are kept confidential, and a person only needs to be nominated once to be considered. And yes, you can nominate yourself.

Most people only send in the required information, which is all that is necessary for consideration. But a few go that extra mile. 

Here are some examples:

One person wrote that their nominee “collects as many of copies of the 50 most beautiful as he can and sends them to everyone with a note saying ‘you are number 51’. He has done this for YEARS for tons of people and it would be great for him to make the list. The guy is a legend around here.”

Another: “Known as the Republican Jay Carney in our office, we think it’s time the rest of the world knows DC’s best kept secret doppelganger. Unlike the daily White House Press Briefing, [nominee] is far from boring.  While he may not grace the cameras with his presence every day, we would love to see him grace the elite pages of 50MB.”

This nominee “enjoys eating cinnamon rolls, walking along the water and he plays a mean cowbell.”

And this person suggested reading their nomination to the tune of Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me:”

But he wears flag pins, not a Member’s pin.

He is not just your average staff assistant,

Dreamin ’bout the day when he wakes up to find

That the White House is now open for tours at all times!

 If you could hear

How he listens to music like Gene Autry;

Been a candidate

Since he was a House page,

So it’s plain to see

He belongs in top 50, 

He belongs in top 50.

Walkin’ the halls of 7th floor Longworth HOB,

He can’t help thinkin’ shoulda gotten a Samsung Galaxy.

Guess he can’t help followin’ the Democrat crowd,

“Hey, you need the iPhone.”

 And he’s got some ties

That could make Ann Romney proud;

Elephants, donkeys, 

Red Sox and a lighthouse.

You say you’re lost — oh he can help you with that,

And you can trust him even though he’s a Democrat.