Eclectic mix in West End

Often one of the greatest challenges a new downtown restaurant faces is how to appeal equally to both a lunch crowd and a dinner crowd. “We had to be one thing in the daytime and another thing at night,” said David Hagedorn, co-owner along with Greggory Hill of the doubly eponymous David Greggory, the not-quite six-month-old restaurant at 21st and M streets in the West End. And, he added, “our guests would also be the same people” day and night.

How to proceed? For Hagedorn and Hill, the solution began with the concept. They call their space a “restau-lounge,” the idea being that it’s a sophisticated, comfortable lunch spot during the day and a relaxed urban nightspot after dark. OK.

The owners both come from the kitchen — Hagedorn at the now-closed Trumpets and Hill from Gabriel.

Dressed field greens with grilled chicken breast and side salads.

Ironically, however, Hagedorn said it was their intention to “get away from a chef-driven restaurant. We didn’t want the food to be taken too seriously.”

Their first emphasis was on the d