The Culinary Inquisition: Rep. Brian Baird (D-Wash.)

Coffee or tea:
Sweet tea.

Sweet or salty:

Food you can’t live without:

“Chocolate. But I could live without it. I could live without anything. Chocolate milkshakes — the world would be a lesser place.”

Pig-out food:
Chocolate chip cookie dough.

Ever gotten food poisoning?

“Yes. Egg Foo Young in Evanston, Wyoming, in 1978. That was remarkable.”

Any food allergies?
“Mild [allergy] to peanuts.”

Food you hate the most:
“I really am not fond of brussels sprouts.”

Favorite place to power-lunch:
“I’ll say Sonoma.”

Favorite restaurant in D.C.:
Levante’s in Dupont Circle.

What’s your cooking specialty?
“Breakfast. I make great omelets, really fluffy with all kinds of neat ingredients.”