Rep. Charles Gonzales (D-Texas)

Coffee or tea: I have coffee in the morning, but never after 12 noon. And then it’s tea.

Sweet or salty: Actually, salty. I don’t know why. Both are bad for you.

Favorite place to power-lunch: The Cloak Room over a hot dog.

Favorite restaurant in D.C.: Pete’s Diner. It’s affordable. A special occasion? I like Capital Grille.

Favorite candy: Gummy bears.

Any allergies? Food, none. People, yes.

Cooking specialty: I have not cooked in so many years, but when I did it was spaghetti because the meat sauce was so good. That was 30 years ago.

Ever gotten food poisoning?
It was in Cancún. It was bad. This was in 1975. They had this lime soup concoction that turned out to be interesting — and it was more interesting than I thought it would be.

What is a food you dislike? I like everything except fish that happens to be pink. I’m not crazy about salmon or tuna.