Grayson was not destined to become a farmer

Most people figure out early on a few careers they’d be pretty good at. But how many know which career they’d be worst at?

Leave it to Harvard University to tell Rep. Alan GraysonAlan Mark GraysonPolitiFact cancels Alan Grayson hire after backlash Eighth Franken accuser comes forward as Dems call for resignation Pennsylania Dems file ethics complaint against Rep. Barletta MORE (D-Fla.) what he would be terrible at.

“Right when I first arrived [in Cambridge, Mass.],” Grayson told ITK, “the first thing they did was have us all take career aptitude tests.” This came, he said, after a whole lot of testing for the past year. “We had the SATs and high school standardized tests and college admissions, and I just thought, ‘Not another test!’ ”

But Grayson sat down and took the test. His No. 1 career aptitude? “Lawyer, so that worked out,” the former prosecutor shrugged. “No. 2 was psychologist, and that makes sense. I think I try to understand where people are coming from.”

But the worst one? “The job I’d be worst at is farming.” And while the news may have disappointed some people, Grayson hails from the Bronx, N.Y., where, he said, farming was “never really on the table.”