Citing security, Secret Service nixes Obama’s birthday cake

Having Secret Service protection can be a big perk — cool code names, no more waiting in lines, an end to all traffic jams. But there’s a flip side, like not getting to eat your own birthday cake.

That’s what happened to President Obama on Wednesday, his 49th birthday.

Instead of taking the day off to celebrate, Obama made his way in the morning to the Washington Convention Center to address members of the AFL-CIO, where union President Richard Trumka revealed that he had planned a celebration for the commander in chief.

The plan was that they would sing “Happy Birthday,” cut the cake and help the POTUS enjoy his day.

“But the Secret Service nixed the cake,” Trumka said, and the party went downhill from there. As a result of the security decision not to authorize a cake for the president, the singing was apparently also put on hold.

“I was disappointed there wasn’t a cake,” Obama joked with Trumka after his remarks.

Then, looking over at the Secret Service, Obama revealed what really might have happened to the cake. “They’re probably eating it right now.”

A Secret Service spokesman declined to comment on the birthday cake.

Fortunately, Obama planned to spend the evening in Chicago having dinner with friends, so there would be more chances before day’s end for a cake he could actually eat.