Moore and Miller play granddad ‘show-and-tell’

Reps. Dennis Moore (D-Kan.) and Jeff Miller (R-Fla.) engaged in some bipartisan baby-photo “show-and-tell” Thursday night at a benefit dinner at the Madison Hotel, proving that some of America’s proudest grandparents serve in Congress.

Moore arrived at the dinner a few minutes before his hosts, Rep. John Tanner (D-Tenn.) and his wife, Betty, so he killed some time by showing ITK a photo of eight grandkids lined up on a sofa.

“Aren’t they just adorable?” Moore gushed.

“But wait until you see the ninth one!” Moore said excitedly, pulling up photos of the most recently born grandchild, Max Moore, an adorable 9-month-old with saucer-sized eyes. “Just look at those eyes,” Moore said.

The retiring Moore will soon have a lot more time to spend with his extended family, but his wife, Stephene Moore, is not yet ready for the rocking chair. She is running to replace her husband.

Amid the showcase of Moore family babies last week, Miller approached and seemed to know just what was going on.

“Man, are you showing everyone baby photos?” Miller ribbed Moore.

“Sure I am!” Moore replied.

Miller came over to see them, and couldn’t help but pull out his phone. There, as the screen saver, was a sonogram photo of an as-yet-unborn grandchild.

“It’s our third,” said the obviously proud grandpa. “We don’t know what it is yet!”

The lawmakers were eventually seated, but Moore couldn’t keep the photos tucked away for long.

Less than an hour later, ITK spotted the Democrat showing the same pics to a few professional photographers hired to shoot the Safe Shores fundraiser.