Sen. Begich can boogie, says Mrs. Begich

Deborah Bonito, aka Mrs. Sen. Mark BegichMark Peter BegichPerez creates advisory team for DNC transition The future of the Arctic 2016’s battle for the Senate: A shifting map MORE (D-Alaska), on Tuesday admitted that she has yet to watch her fellow Alaskan, Bristol Palin, compete on “Dancing With the Stars.” 

In fact, she barely knows what it is. “A dancing contest, right?” she asked sweetly, speaking to ITK while she signed holiday cards for troops at a Red Cross event in the Capitol.

Once ITK explained what the competitive dance-off show is about, Bonito graciously said that if she were to see it, she would cross party lines to cheer for Bristol, daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R).

Speaking of dancing, Bonito said there’s another Alaskan dancer who deserves some attention. “Oh, you should see my husband dance!” Bonito laughed. “He’s a great dancer!” 

Bonito even swung her shoulders the tiniest bit as she said this, prompting an inquiry as to her own skills. “I can dance a little bit,” she said, blushing.