Clinton Portis likens his 
situation to Obama, Bush

Redskins running back Clinton Portis on Tuesday invoked both President Obama and former President George W. Bush to describe the tenuous position he finds himself in after three weeks on the injured list due to a severely pulled groin.

“That’s life,” Portis mused during an appearance on 106.7’s “Mike Wise Show With Howard Kushner.” 

“If you step away, that’s just like Bush leaving office,” Portis said. “We came into a mess and a bad situation and all of a sudden, Bush left out and they became Obama’s problems. ‘Obama did this and Obama did that,’ and I don’t think it was him that caused it. He was in there to straighten a mess up.”

Portis hopes to return to his starting position on the team, but for now, that is far from certain. “I’m here trying to do what I can. ... It’s all about the opportunity that you’re given, and doing what you can.”