Issa to celebrate birthday Election Eve, but says his present will come later

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has a birthday coming up on Nov. 1, a date known in political circles as Election Eve. But the soon-to-be 57-year-old said his birthday present will come at the polls the next day.

“My present?” Issa chuckled to ITK at a recent dinner in Washington. “My present will come on [November] the 3rd, after all the counting, and probably some recounting, has been done.”

Issa paused, “Wait, you know I’m joking about the present, right?” he asked. Yep, sure you are.

Should Republicans take the House, Issa is poised to assume the chairmanship of the powerful Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and he has made no secret of how much he would relish the job.

“On my birthday night I’ll have a barbecue at our house for my staffers,” the lawmaker said. “A lot of them have traveled from Washington to volunteer on the campaign, so the least we can do is have a little party for them.”

Issa’s wife, Kathy Issa, was standing next to her husband as he said this, and judging by her raised eyebrow, it appeared to be the first she had heard of the upcoming birthday party.

“I can grill anything that walks, crawls or swims,” Issa playfully boasted. “It’ll be great.”

Luckily for her husband, Kathy Issa seems all too happy to help. “I’ll do the dishes,” she volunteered. “I really don’t mind [doing dishes].”

As for what the following day holds, Kathy Issa promised that the one thing she won’t be doing is staring at the TV as returns come in. “I never watch TV on election night.”

The same does not hold true for her husband, who will be monitoring results. “The heaviest concentration of competitive races is in the middle of the country,” Issa said, “so it won’t be a late night for me [in California]. I think we’ll know the House results by 11 p.m.”