Boehner has no time to cook on his birthday

House Speaker-designate John Boehner (R-Ohio) celebrated his 61st birthday on Wednesday with a longtime tradition: He hosted a Thanksgiving lunch for his staff members.

This year, however, there was one difference: Now that he’s poised to become the most powerful person on Capitol Hill, Boehner didn’t have time to prepare the turkey himself.

In 2009, Boehner cooked a turkey for his 60th birthday lunch, and staff members brought traditional Thanksgiving side dishes.

But between this week’s leadership elections, new-member orientation and general preparations to assume the top position in the House, a source told ITK that Boehner was forced to relinquish turkey duty.

One thing didn’t change: The famous “Boehner Birthday Song” was sung for its composer during the lunch. The four-line ditty was then sung again, this time for deputy communications director Mike Ricci, who turned 30 Wednesday.