McCarthy’s 3 wishes 
include ‘king for a year’

If Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) were to be “king for a day” and be granted three wishes, one of them would be that he didn’t have to give up being king.

 Speaking to more than 100 students at American University earlier this week, the incoming House majority whip explained what he’d do as a hypothetical monarch with three wishes. And while the first two wishes were a little wonky, the third was definitely um, ambitious. 

McCarthy’s first wish would be to “change redistricting, so the people have the power.” His second? To change campaign financing, “so that you had to get half your [campaign] money from your own district.”

His third wish “would be to make me king for the year, I guess.” 

McCarthy has been blessed with some luck, winning $5,000 in a lottery in 1985.