Job opportunities abound in Congress’s Committee announcements

Attention wannabe Capitol Hill staffers: This is a big week for anyone hoping to score a job in the Republican-led 112th Congress. That’s because House committee assignments are expected to be announced this week, and that should result in a plethora of staff positions to fill.

According to one source, many incoming Republican members have only partly staffed their offices because they’re waiting to make their final rash of hires until after their committee and subcommittee assignments are set.

ITK asked a GOP insider how a potential Republican job candidate can make the best use of this week’s committee news.

1. Identify the policy area you are most comfortable with (e.g., energy issues, agriculture, finance, etc.) and focus on applying for jobs with those incoming members who are assigned to committees dealing with your issue.

2. Don’t know whom to send your CV to? Work your contacts first, but if that doesn’t work, call the National Republican Congressional Committee and ask how to reach an incoming member’s chief of staff. ITK’s source said most chiefs were already in place.

3. Don’t ignore incumbent lawmakers. As the leadership of committees and subcommittees changes, they offer “a pocket of jobs [available] that some people never know about.” The top two GOP members of each subcommittee will most likely be hiring additional staffers to help with their work on that subcommittee.

And if you’re planning to leave Capitol Hill (or your boss was voted out), there’s good news this week for you, too. 

The Center for Association Leadership is hosting a career fair for Capitol Hill staffers this Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at its headquarters at 1575 I St. NW. According to a statement from the group, staffers are invited “to learn more about career opportunities in the association world, and how your career can thrive in this sector.

The seminar is free. Interested parties should contact Jakub Konysz at to register.