Rep. Grayson fires 
back at George Will

Outgoing Rep. Alan Grayson 
(D-Fla.) had the dubious honor this year of being named “America’s Worst Politician” in a Newsweek column by conservative author and commentator George Will.

ITK recently asked Grayson what he thought of the column, causing the controversial progressive to ask aloud, “I wonder if [George Will] ever comes out of the small dark room he works out of?”

Grayson, who lost his reelection bid last month, then appeared to answer his own question, saying, “I guess he did, long enough to attack me.”

A “small dark room”? This required some fact-checking.

On the contrary, Will told ITK, “I work out of a building that’s one of the older townhouses in Georgetown, 1811 or 1812. It’s very light and pretty.”

Will didn’t particularly appreciate the swipe at his working quarters, either, noting that “Mr. Grayson doesn’t know anything about my office.

“But for Mr. Grayson to speak about something he doesn’t know anything about is not a departure [for him].”