Bahamas denies connection to suspect accused of impersonating lawmaker

The suspect, Nelson Lewis, is a former booker at Fox News Channel. Late last week, it was reported that he claimed to be a diplomat with the Bahamian Embassy, and used the false affiliation to gain entry to events around Washington.

Lewis allegedly went so far as to have false business cards made for himself with the seal of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, and created an e-mail address for the ruse.
The embassy statement says that Lewis “is in no way connected to the embassy of the Bahamas nor to the government of the Bahamas.”

“Mr. Nelson Lewis has never been accredited by the Government of the Bahamas ... is not known to the embassy or its staff and is in no way authorized to represent the government of the Bahamas.”

An embassy spokeswoman told ITK on Tuesday that the embassy first received questions about Lewis, 26, in October of this year, after he allegedly attempted to gain entry to a non-embassy event for himself and “six or seven” of his friends. The request raised eyebrows with event organizers, who contacted the Bahamian Embassy.

When Lewis didn’t show up to the party, embassy officials presumed the incident was a one-time prank, although “steps were taken to notify the appropriate officials” at the time.

But now, “in light of recent information, further steps are being taken to notify the relevant authorities.” A spokeswoman would not comment on whether further criminal charges might arise from the alleged impersonation.

Lewis was not present at his scheduled arraignment in U.S. District Court last week on charges of possessing an official congressional lapel pin, and he was granted a continuance until Wednesday. Lewis is being represented by attorney Bruce S. Deming.

Deming told ITK at press time that his client had a previously scheduled engagement out of town last week, adding that Lewis offered to drive back to Washington, D.C., to appear before the court.

Deming said his client plans to enter a plea of not guilty Wednesday, declining to comment on any other details of the case.