Foxx gets bad directions, very bad directions

Foxx, dressed in Christmas plaid, was spotted bounding down a House-side basement corridor Tuesday afternoon at a few minutes past 4 p.m., ostensibly headed to the scheduled Republican Conference meeting. 

So when the partisan Republican turned the corner leading to the Democrats’ caucus room, HC-5, it raised a few eyebrows. One reporter even tried to talk to her, just because “she was the only Republican in a sea of Dems, so I was curious.”

Foxx didn’t notice all the Democrats until she made it all the way to the door of the caucus room, and saw a room filled with members of the wrong party.

Spinning on her heels and heading back down the hallways, she explained to reporters, “My staff said to go to HC-5. I have no idea why they did that!” 

A spokesman for Foxx declined to comment on the snafu.