Issa marches on despite 'multiple' broken toes

Newly appointed Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is charging ahead this week with plans to investigate a bevy of issues, from WikiLeaks to food-safety regulations. 

And he's doing it all while suffering from "multiple" broken toes.

A spokesman for Issa confirmed that the lawmaker recently bumped into "a corner in the house he's lived in for more than two decades," resulting in fractures to more than one of his toes.

But Issa isn't letting the injury slow him down. Or, judging by a Wednesday walk through the Speaker's Lobby, even make him limp.

This is no small feat, especially given spokesman Kurt Bardella's admission that "[Issa's] in a lot of pain."

Issa also needs to watch out for a potentially treacherous situation unique to the first week of a new Congress: crowded "welcome back" receptions.

Bardella noted that for a guy nursing broken toes, a roomful of meet-and-greeting members and their families "equals the possibility of getting stepped on."

According to the Mayo Clinic's website, a broken toe is best treated by "taping it to a neighboring toe." But this is a tough prospect if the next toe is broken, too. Ouch!

The injury explains Issa's New Year's resolution, which he shared with Sirius's POTUS radio show Wednesday: "Not to break my toe again." Or, perhaps more accurately, his toes.