Topless women send message to Bloomberg by shoveling snow in Times Square

The event was billed in a press release as a lesson to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty, who came under fire earlier this month for the city’s protracted snow-removal process following a major storm.

According to Cheetah Club spokesman Bruce Lynn, the women donned jeans and fur coats because of the cold, but had nothing on underneath their jackets. So when they threw their coats open to shovel three inches of snow in front of the Chase Bank offices, it caused quite a stir.

According to Lynn, people “applauded our civic duty and applauded the show,” which lasted for nearly 20 minutes before authorities instructed the dancers to leave.

“The girls shoveled very well,” said Lynn. “We just plowed in, and all the people in the bank came down and thanked us for shoveling their sidewalks.”

As of press time, the mayor’s office had yet to respond to the stunt.