Sasha Obama meets President Hu; Mrs. Mullen faints

President Obama’s daughter Sasha went on a school field trip Wednesday morning — to her own house. The 9-year-old and her classmates attended the White House arrival ceremony that began Chinese President Hu Jintao’s state visit. 

After the formal welcome, President Obama and the Chinese leader greeted those who came to the White House. The president paused when he reached Sasha and introduced her to Hu. 

The first daughter stood out in the row of school students, wearing bright red pants, a silver sequined scarf and long white coat. A Secret Service agent could be seen standing behind her as she waved miniature Chinese and American flags.

Sasha appeared visibly excited to be at the ceremony, trading flags back and forth with her classmates. She then paused and listened intently as her father spoke of a more cooperative relationship with China and working to make both nations more prosperous and secure.

Elsewhere at the same arrival ceremony, Deborah Mullen, the wife of Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen, was not having nearly as good of a time. 

Mrs. Mullen fainted during the hourlong ceremony, and while the precise reason for Mullen’s illness was unclear at press time, onlookers reportedly stood outside in 40-degree weather for upwards of half an hour before President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama emerged to greet the visiting Chinese leader.

According to a Joint Chiefs of Staff spokesman, Mrs. Mullen “was escorted indoors by Adm. Mullen and quickly recovered. She is doing just fine.”