Bachmann rips Obama, but still wants his autograph

But at exactly the same time, Bachmann’s friend and seatmate for the speech, Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio), was busy doing an unusual favor for her: getting Bachmann the president’s autograph. 

“[Bachmann] asked me to have [her commemorative speech book] signed [by Obama],” Schmidt told ITK, pulling three such signed books out of her purse.

The president typically signs speech books for members of Congress right after he speaks, and Tuesday was no exception.

“I had my [State of the Union speech] from last year with me, that I needed to have signed,” Schmidt explained, “and one for me this year, and one for Michele.” 

Schmidt didn’t say whether Obama knew that he was signing a book for one of his most vocal critics, but it’s unlikely that would have made any difference. The dark-blue, “Sharpie-style” signatures on the books were formal, and there were no personal notes.

That’s probably a good thing, given that Bachmann sat stone-faced for most of the hourlong speech, reserving her tepid applause for all but the most Republican-friendly points.

Bachmann’s reaction to Obama was a sharp contrast to her memorable embrace, and kiss, of then-President George W. Bush at his 2007 State of the Union address.