Klobuchar’s dream comes true (sort of)

The lawmaker told ITK on Wednesday about a dream she had Monday night where she arrived at the State of the Union address only to find that all the seats were taken.

“I dreamt that all the seats on the House floor had coats on them, and there wasn’t anywhere for me to sit,” she said. 

Klobuchar and her “date” for Tuesday’s speech, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), planned to sit on the Republican side of the aisle, but when they walked into the chamber, lo and behold, all the GOP seats had people in them. 

“[Sessions] was such a gracious date,” she said, “and he agreed right away to sit on the Dems’ side, thankfully.” 

Klobuchar said her dream likely stemmed from the “high school prom” feeling of the bipartisan seating arrangements that were all the rage at the annual address. 

“I’m just glad I had a date to this prom!”