Rep. Berkley’s weeklong birthday party

“My birthday started last week, when I got home [to Nevada from Washington] and my husband showered me with gifts,” Berkley exclaimed on Tuesday. “But it doesn’t end for a week!

“On Friday, I walked into [my office] and my staff threw me a lunch, with delicious cupcakes. Then on Sunday my family came [to celebrate] with some of my closest friends … not my political friends, but my home friends, and my husband threw me the most beautiful dinner at Spago. It was really fabulous.”

Berkley laughed, “But wait, the party continues!”

On Sunday, Berkley will host her annual birthday-party fundraiser at South Point Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Tickets will cost $60 per person, and Berkley said she expects a few hundred guests.

“I started this tradition when I was a mere girl of 47, so we charged $47 [back then]. And now I love birthdays because every year I make more money!”

Berkley also assured ITK that her party would not be a typical stuffy fundraiser. “This is Vegas! It’s going to be a lot of fun, with dinner and a DJ, and I’ll greet everyone and do an informal photo.”

Apparently caught up in the excitement, Berkley accidentally listed off a number of Vegas celebrities who are expected to attend the bash. ITK can’t tell you who they are, but they’re pretty cool.

Celebrities aside, the real highlight of Berkley’s party will be when the lawmaker hits the dance floor. “I’m going to keep the speeches to a minimum, and of course I’ll be dancing!”

Asked what song she’d like to boogie to on her birthday, Berkley mentioned Celine Dion’s “A New Dawn.”

The tune is a perfect fit for the Sin City sexagenarian. “Celine Dion is a big headliner in Vegas, and this is the dawn of a new era of my life. My best years are coming!”

ITK wishes Berkley a very happy birthday — all week long.