Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and wife announce separation

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) announced in a joint e-mail Monday that he and his wife, U.S. District Court Judge Marjorie “Midge” Rendell, will live “separately,” now that he is no longer in office.

The Philadelphia Inquirer quotes an e-mail sent to friends of the couple’s as saying, “We have decided to embark upon this next phase of our lives by living separately.”

The Rendells were married in 1971 and have one son, Jesse Rendell. They write that it was a “difficult decision, but we both believe it is the right thing to do. Our parting is amicable, and we will remain friends and continue to be active in our community, sometimes together, sometimes separately.”

The note concludes with a postscript: “Please do not hesitate to include both of us in social occasions as we will not find it awkward or uncomfortable.”