Lungren loves it when TSA agents find his hairspray

And he’s thrilled about it. 

Near the end of a House Homeland Security subcommittee hearing last Thursday, Lungren personally thanked Transportation Security Administration (TSA) head John Pistole for the work that TSA agents do in ridding the occasionally forgetful lawmaker of his Aqua Net.

“Your people do a very good job of making sure that I know they do a thorough examination of me every time I go through,” he said. “Every time I’ve forgotten hairspray they’ve gotten it and I’ve had to throw it out, so I appreciate that.”

As the owner of one of the best male coifs in Congress, Lungren was a particularly good sport about being forced to throw out his styling products. Pistole, who has been the target of much criticism from Capitol Hill in the wake of TSA pat-down controversies, thanked Lungren for the compliment.