McCotter, the rocker, adds author to his creative CV

Seize Freedom! is McCotter’s 256-page follow-up to an article (titled “Now, Seize Freedom!”) he penned for The American Spectator the day after the 2008 elections.

In the article, McCotter posited that the GOP had reached “Republican Rock Bottom,” and that “possessed of no vision, no principle, no purpose, and no appeal, [the GOP] deserved our fate.” 

A lot has changed for Republicans since then, but McCotter’s book, which comes out on Feb. 21, is far from a victory party. True to the lawmaker’s quirky, thoughtful style, it bears a tagline quote from 

Demosthenes: “In God’s name I beg of you to think.” 

So far, the press is friendly, including nice blurbs from Big Government’s Andrew Breitbart and Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld. 

ITK is looking forward to buying the book at