Cantor and Clinton both offer a nod to Valentine’s Day

Cantor (R-Va.) was giving out chocolate on Monday. 

Journalists who attended Cantor’s weekly pen-and-pad briefing Monday afternoon were treated to three bowls of romantic snacks laid out on the long table where the media availabilities take place. The treats included Butterfinger hearts, Dove bar hearts, Valentine’s Day Hershey kisses and those chalky Sweethearts candies with messages on them. Spotted by the band of writers were the phrases, “Pick Me,” “You Rock,” “High Five,”  and “Miss You.” 

Cantor is known, and appreciated, for sharing little bags of Virginia peanuts with visitors and reporters. But Monday’s extra-special goods, as well as the coffee that is served at the briefings, were a hit with the perpetually hungry scribes.

Elsewhere on Capitol Hill, Secretary of State Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonTrump touts report Warner attempted to talk to dossier author Poll: Nearly half of Iowans wouldn’t vote for Trump in 2020 Rubio on Warner contact with Russian lobbyist: It’s ‘had zero impact on our work’ MORE, dressed in a holiday-appropriate red jacket, wished the phalanx of reporters at her noon press conference a happy Valentine’s Day before taking questions on Iran and Egypt.