No Hair Cuttery for Rep. Maloney

Members of Congress are well-known for stressing that they are “just like everyone else” and “live normal lives.” But when it comes to their hair, some members still insist on the very best.

This was the case Tuesday on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, where Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) was spotted at 1 p.m. buzzing up the elevator to the upscale Madison Avenue salon Eiji.

According to numerous websites, owner Eiji Yamane was trained by the legendary late John Sahag, and he’s famous today for “dry cuts” (wet hair is the norm).

But a spokesman for Maloney clarified that the lawmaker wasn’t there for the works (a haircut with Eiji himself starts at $350) — she just needed a blowout. A quick call to the salon revealed that blowouts cost $50 and up.

This being Manhattan, nothing’s cheap, but that’s a lot less than the $400 that former Sen. John 

Edwards (D-N.C.) shelled out for his coif during his failed 2008 bid for the White House.

For her part, Maloney appeared to be in business mode upon arrival. A female aide who accompanied her to the appointment was overheard reading off the day’s schedule to her in the elevator as the pair climbed five floors to the chill, dimly lit salon.

The spy reported that during the shampooing portion of her appointment, Maloney seemed visibly more relaxed — perhaps because the shampoo room at Eiji is all dark and boasts green-lit constellations moving around on the ceiling.